Medicinal Cannabis Trading


We are experts in cannabis trading between different suppliers & buyers in accordance with local laws and regulations. In most countries of the world the use of medicinal cannabis is already, or in the process of becoming, legal. On top of that most countries already decriminalized the recreational use. Cannabis cultivation is an official agricultural crop and more-and-more governments are about to allow import & export in the near future.

The prosperous cannabis industry offers an abundance of new trading opportunities. So far the growth of the industry has been driven by legalization in Canada. Several EU countries and more-and-more states in the US are also legalizing medicinal cannabis with the encouragement and ever growing support of society.

Professional sales

A contract is a necessary condition for activity, from raising capital, obtaining credit lines, growth, production, and more. Spot-buys are possible as well.  As long as the buyers and sellers are in possession of the correct licenses.

Nowadays, there is a great lack of supply of standard goods, especially the EU GMP THC raw material. In contrast, during the second half of 2020 and thereafter, there are expected to be many more suppliers and a large quantity of goods that will meet the standards. It is also expected that several countries will allow import and export of these pharmaceutical goods.

We connect buyers and sellers for the following products:

    EU GMP Flower material:

    • EU GMP THC Flower
    • EU GMP CBD Flower
    • EU GMP 1:1 Flower

    EU GMP extracts:

    • EU GMP CBD Isolate
    • EU GMP THC Oil
    • EU GMP CBD Oil
    • Private label end products

    Food Grade Hemp extracts:

    • CBD Concentrate
    • CBD Isolate
    • CBN Isolate & Concentrate
    • CBG Isolate
    • CBC Isolate
    • Private label end products

    We believe that direct contact between the licensed producer and licensed customer is a must. Lack of transparency comes at the cost of efficiency. As with our consultancy-branch we, at all times, allow and encourage direct contact between the parties involved.
    We regularly receive updates from the Licensed Producers within our network about their stock quantities. Upon reviewing their newly produced products we select possible customers from within our network who will be offered suitable products for their line of business.

    Licensing, requirements and regulations are difficult to navigate without professionals. Let us be there to connect you with our years of experience and valued relationships. We make Medical Cannabis deals happen!