Medicinal Cannabis Consultancy

Verdacan is the one-stop-shop company helping you out with all needed aspects in this demanding market with only the best possible partners with proven track records.

Each year the amount of guidelines increases, the industries adopts new standards and it is becoming increasingly harder to keep an overview of how to achieve regulatory compliance. Verdacan has years of experience in these fields and can count some of the most knowledgeable experts amongst its partners, associates, consultants and trainers.


Area's where we can assist:

Phase one – Startup phase

Our GMP solution does not require third party audits, saving time and money.

Creation and (EU) GMP validation:

  • The site plans
  • The building plans
  • The interior  and equipment 
  • Identification of the required personnel
  • Creating standard operating procedures
  • GMP working procedures implementation


Phase two – Interior phase

Custom designed HVAC and interior:

  • Interior designed specifically for the selected strain
  • Interior designed specifically for the URS of the master-grower

Cultivation Lighting:

  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Hybrid (HPS/LED)

Watering systems:

  • Automated irrigation systems (various)

Computerized log systems:

  • Universal Data gathering
  • Automated GMP-logging

Saving up to 70% of the FTE working hours

CO2 solutions:

  • CO2 Enrichment of the crops to increase your yield

Climate control

  • Automated climate control solutions (HVAC)
    For the main building ,cultivation, and other rooms


  • GMP Compliant air-showers
  • GMP Compliant air-locks

Green power solutions:

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panels


Phase three – Growth phase

Plant nutrition:

  • Heavy metal / contaminant free plant nutrition

Plant genetics:

  • Stabilized seeds
  • Exclusive genetics
  • EU GMP seedlings
  • EU GMP tissue culture (Coming soon)

Drying systems:

  • Tailor made drying cabinets

Trimming advice:

  • Automated trimming devices

Irradiation equipment:

  • Reduction of microbes for GMP Compliance (no gamma)

Soil selection:

  • Customized mixes, production process in-house, RHP certified

Growing experts:

  • Senior FTE with proven medicinal track records

Biological defense:

  • Integrated systems of natural, safe solutions that improve the health, resilience and productivity of crops

Laboratory / GLP:

  • Our GLP team has the experience and capability to help out with: facilities; process data; study specific data and reports against GLP requirements

Our sales team

We can even manage your sales!


  • Branding needs/requirements


  • EU GMP Compliant packaging solutions

Transport / GDP:

  • High-quality transport of special health products